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“I wanna make sure you understand. You won’t die or age. If this last year was painful for you, picture a hundred, a thousand more like it.”

In a show about absent and neglectful fathers, Jimmy Novak agreed to an eternity of pain to save his daughter. Seconds away from peace in Heaven, he begged through the blood in his teeth for Castiel to cage him away in his own skin, forever, so that Claire could be spared. So many people think that Cas learned about love from Dean. I think maybe he learned it first from Jimmy Novak.

This is part of the reason that I love Jimmy. He loved his little girl so much that he gave his life so that she wouldn’t have to spend hers strapped to a comet.

So that his little girl could grow up to be a strong woman. And maybe, just maybe, she’ll remember the love he felt for her.


Frozen 2


This is my favorite video involving Frozen so far. 

"The sea is the cruelest lover."





Jensen Ackles is known as ‘the short one’ relative to Jared Padalecki.

Jensen Ackles is taller than Benedict Cumberbatch.


I just…I feel confused and lied to.

just imagine Martin Freeman next to Jared Padalecki

This sounds like one of those maths puzzles.

If Jensen is taller than Benedict and Jared is taller than Jensen how afraid will Martin be of being stepped on by Jared?



remember when they used to joke around wow those were the days